However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results.

Sir Winston Churchill

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Our services


Note: The blue lettering refers to appropriate definitions in our Glossary .


IT IS DIFFICULT to draw a clear-cut demarcation line between marketing, advertising, and PR. A professional advertising project is unthinkable without a marketing element; a marketing project, especially a marketing campaign, often has advertising and PR aspects to it; a PR exercise may need press-releases and other texts, which, if not produced by professional copywriters, are often exercises in futility. Etc., etc., etc.

Russian marketing scene has another element about it: Russian companies and Russian branches of international companies only rarely have professional marketing, advertising and PR personnel and skills. Many do not even have trained selling forces. To survive they need more marketing and ad savvy than Western grandees in Russia. But who is supposed to supply that savvy? We are one of the few sources of that expertise in Russia.

“Family doctors. We try to be for our clients a sort of marketing “family doctors,” solving virtually ALL the problems involving not only marketing and advertising, but also the training of a client's salesmen, the authoring of articles, executive summaries, and what not.

"One-hundred-odd-ball-fixers." Our experience has shown that in the highly specific conditions of Russia a consultant, whatever his field, when working with a foreign client, has not only to consult well beyond an agreed field, but also to fix a wide variety of problems quite uncommon in a Western business environment. That's what we always try to do for our foreign clients!

How we work

After our first meeting we may recommend you a corporate seminar to improve the marketing culture of your managers and workers or for them to get into the Russian picture. Among other things, this facilitates our day-to-day cooperation with your people.

Like your visit to a doctor, your cooperation with us begins with diagnostics (a marketing audit), which normally takes several days or weeks. Drawing on the results of the audit we work out our recommendations and set out to perform specific marketing and advertising projects. Some of the projects are described bellow.

The process of our cooperation can be depicted as follows:


First meeting



Marketing audit

  Corporate seminar

Internal marketing

External marketing










Marketing audit (obligatory)

Marketing audit

Purpose: To get as a complete insight into the marketing and operations of a company as possible; to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to pave the way for reliable and creative consultations.

Term: Several days or weeks.


Recommendations are our main contribution to your performance in the market. They are based on the audit results, our experience and know-how.

To begin with, we identify and/or propose your selling points to be used by your marketers, salespeople, and admen. We then go on and propose concrete marketing and advertising campaigns and projects sticking to an agreed budget.

In the process, we may need some brain storms and "client experiments" involving your managers, salespeople, and other personnel.

Our fees depend on the number and complexity of product categories and services you deal with, the number of "interfaces," the number of your suppliers, etc.

Individual projects

If our recommendations contain proposals to run some marketing and advertising projects, you can order them with us or other companies.

Note: Projects are only performed after a thorough marketing audit and recommendations.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaign

Purpose: To implement some complex marketing ideas and to achieve some specific financial goals.

Term: 1-4 weeks.

A marketing department:
establishing & training

Purpose: To help a company to set up a marketing department from scratch or to improve the efficiency of an existing department. The effort may cover an estimate of the advisability and feasibility of the creation of such a department; recommendations as to the number of personnel and their terms of reference; training; organizational and psychological aspects, etc.

Term: 2-6 weeks.

Dealer (VAR, etc.) recruitment & support

Purpose: To improve the efficiency of your distribution network.

Term: 4-6 weeks

Tenders & contracts

Purpose: To win a tender or a contract. Success or failure in a tender to a large degree depends on how expertly the proposal is written. We can work out a package (in Russian and English) and appropriate recommendations.


Everything concerned with products is of extreme marketing and financial importance, since a product, in the broadest sense of the word, is the only way for a company to meet the needs of the Client, and... to make money.

"Russifation" of products

To succeed, products brought to Russia or developed in Russia by international companies have to be "russified" in various ways, or rather to be fine-tuned to the bizarre conditions of Russia's markets. In a word, they have to be re-launched in Russia with their selling points carefully revised and sometimes even changed.

Our experience has shown that products may have to be adjusted to specific regions in Russia's huge territory.

New products

Purpose: To create competitive products and "product packages" (product + services or product + services + atmosphere).

A sea of new products fail in the market, because some factors are overlooked, under- or over- estimated. We help at all the stages from an idea of a new product through the "manufactured article" to a full-blown product ready to be launched. Some of the things we do:

маркированный список

Marketing assessment of the idea of a new product;

маркированный список

Branding aspects name, packaging, etc.;

маркированный список

Writing of Sales Guides (a thing nearly unheard of in Russia);

маркированный список

Production of launching advertising and marketing materials:

маркированный список

Assessment of other aspects.


Term: 3-8 weeks.


"Dressing" a product properly is an extremely important marketing project. When relegated to designers, packing becomes a piece of graphic arts, not a marketing tool.

A packaged product must break through the clutter on a shelf to attract the attention of a potential buyer; the information on it must sell when the buyer holds the product in hands; the container must be convenient to use. And so on.

These are all marketing tasks.

Effectiveness of packaging

Purpose: To assess the marketing effectiveness and efficiency of the existing or planned packaging. To recommend improvements.

Term: 1-2 weeks.

Development of new packaging

Purpose: To produce a packaging that will "sell" on the shelf, in hands, on the table, etc.

We work out the marketing concept, the verbal and graphic information to appear on a packaging. We then prepare detailed marketing specifications and rough layouts for designers. We test the versions on the shelf (shelf impact test) to make a product break through the clutter, etc.

Term: 4-7 weeks.


On the whole, the marketing quality of the Internet in Russia is extremely low. Most of it is the hunting grounds of designers and programmers who duly make it into a useless artsy toy. Perhaps, Russia needs something like the Internet bubble of 2000 in the USA for companies to understand that in the Internet (line in all media for that matter) the name of the game is content, not some fancy design frills. Client-oriented sites, like, can work wonders.

We can boost the business efficiency of your site in many ways.

Assessment of sites

Purpose: To estimate a site in various respects, from its content to usability, and to come up with proposals as to how to improve it.

Term: 1 week.

Creation or refurbishing of sites

Purpose: To improve the marketing and/or information efficiency of a site. To produce new sites.

Term: 4-8 weeks.


As an ex-advertising agency we boast a high advertising proficiency, experience, and responsibility to the customer. Our approach to advertising is as follows:


Nobody needs advertising for the sake of advertising. (Except perhaps for mammoth bureaucratic grandees, which view their ad spends as a sort of value-added-tax they just have to pay to ad agencies.)

If advertising does not give you a bang for the buck, it's not advertising, but rather an expensive exercise in futility.

Advertising is just an element of marketing communications, which, if viewed in the widest context possible, implies the following:

Everything communicates what a company does and what it does not, what is says and what it does not.


We have expertise and proper partnerships in virtually all the ad media.

Optimization of ad programs

Advertising programs may be wrong from various points of view: unreasonably high spends; wrong media; wrong content, etc.

We could optimize your ad program.

Purpose: To work out an optimal marketing budget; to foreworn against stupid ad expenses; to recommend alternative solutions of ad campaigns; to recommend more efficient and less expensive marketing campaigns.

Term: 1-2 weeks.

Surgery of concrete ad executions

Purpose: To remove blatant marketing and/or communicative gaffes, thereby drastically improving an advert's efficiency.

We can do a proper surgery of a specific execution and suggest improvements. More often than not, specific ads incorporate a bag of blunders. They may be apparent neither to you, nor to your Cannes-crazy "creatives" who produced the piece. But they may be apparent to a professional "seller" in advertising.

If you have neither time nor money for a full-scale advertising exercise, involving marketing audit, selling points, etc., give the advertisement to us.

Our experience shows that even a quick inexpensive analysis can reveal major mistakes and thereby improve drastically the efficiency of your advertising.

 Our crash surgery addresses the following aspects:>>

Term: 2-4 hours.

Production of advertisements

Copywriting and design. Testing.

"Russification" of documents and adverts

Purpose: To make your business and marketing documents and advertisements appeal to Russians.


We regard PR not as an independent effort, but rather an integral part of marketing communications. PR campaigns should carry across to target audiences the same selling points as advertising, etc.

Corporate profile

Purpose: To author profiles meaningful to Russian readerships.

Because of differences in cultural backgrounds and market-economy experiences, corporate profiles for Russian audiences, especially for Russian civil servants,  should be couched in slightly different terms.

Term: 1 week.


Preparation, management, give-aways, translations, etc.

Purpose: To improve the efficiency of press-conferences, business-lunches, etc., i.e., to improve the probability and quality of after-conference publications by the media present at the conference.

Term: 1-2 weeks.

Sponsorship & fund-raising programs

Purpose: To recruit sponsors, advertisers, donors, etc.

Term: 2-8 weeks.


Purpose: To make souvenir programs more efficient.

Many companies often order souvenirs simply to keep up with the Joneses.

Term: 1-2 weeks


Purpose: To assess the expediency and potential effect of participation in an exhibition; to save exhibition dollars; to get more commercial results from an exhibition.

We design a stand, create give-aways (in Russian and English), auxiliary materials (posters, pointers, badges, programs, etc). We train the personnel who man the stand.

Term: 1-2 weeks.

Technical writing

Instructions, operation manuals and other technical documentation, which is important for the success of certain products in the market.

Unfortunately, these skill are extremely rare in Russia.

Project documentation in English

Purpose: To draft English-language documents in terms that are common in international business relations.

Most Russian firms have no experience of international business relations. Their foreign counterparts complain that Russians cannot prepare adequate documentation for investment and other projects. This hinders joint contracts and other projects enormously.


If for a project we work on it is of critical importance to have some documents translated into English or Russian with extreme fidelity, we do such translations. We also interpret at important talks.

Other forms of consulting

Other forms of cooperation are possible, especially after an intensive phase of consulting is over.

Consulting on hourly basis

Recommended for small projects and to analyze a specific advertisement.

Fees: $150 per hour + some miscellaneous expenses, if any.


Purpose: To prevent marketing and advertising blunders, to do some marketing monitoring after a major project.

Forms: Personal (in Moscow) and distance (by e-mail).

Terms: 6 or 12 months.

Membership in a board of directors

This form of cooperation is quite rare in Russia.

Distance (e-mail) consulting

Purpose: To prevent marketing and advertising mistakes; to offer solutions.

Terms: 6 or 12 months.

Traveling within & without Russia

Purpose: To get first-hand experience; to conduct a fast audit, to map out a plan of further cooperation. Further communication is for the most part by e-mail and other means.



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